Humboldt - Concrete Compression Machines | HCM-4000 Series

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  • Description

    HCM-4000 Series Compression Machines

    Product Details

    • Suitable for cylinders, cubes, beams and cores of high-strength concrete mixes.
    • 4000 to 400,000 lbf (17.8 to 1780kN) testing range with accuracy of ±0.5% of indicated load.
    • Suitable for concrete strength up to 11,000 psi for 6" diameter cylinders.
    • Standard configuration includes platens to test 6" x 12" (150mm x 300mm) cylinders.
    • Choice of two digital controller and two digital indicators.
    • Optional test platens and accessories available.
    • Large frame opening to allow easier loading of test specimens.
    • Mounting stand is INCLUDED.