Hot Plate, Electric, Variable Temperature Control to 700°F/371°C, 12'' X 12'', 240V 50/60Hz

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  • Description

    Hot Plate, Electric, Variable Temperature Control to 700°F/371°C, 12'' X 12'', 240V 50/60Hz

    Electric hot plate with aluminum top plate outperforms other materials and provides superior temperature uniformity and stability. Hot plates feature a sturdy stainless steel case that resists spills and corrosion and supports heavy loads. Large top plate surface accommodate a 40 lb maximum load capacity.

    Heating surface resists warping and buckling. Embedded heating elements provide better heat transfer and have a longer life than ''open-coil'' designs. Perforated side plates allow air circulation—keep controls cool to the touch. For
    added safety, an indicator lights up when power is supplied to the heating element. Temperature range: 38° to 371° C (100° to 700°F).

    H-4952 has a 12" x 12" top plate and is 120V 13.0 amps and 1600 watts and includes an AC cord and plug.