H-2818MS - Mat Depth Gauge, Standard Pin Max. 3” (76mm)

Gauge for measuring the depth of fireproofing. Plastic body with steel probe.

Three models available:

H-2818: Range: Standard Pin Max. 5-5/8” (143mm)
H-2818HD: Heavy Pin Max. 5-5/8” (143mm)
H-2818MS: Standard Pin Max. 3” (76mm)

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  • Description

    Fireproofing Depth Gauge Measures the thickness of sprayed fire protection materials.

    • 1-1/8″ (29 mm) diameter disc
    • Sliding Pointed Needle Probe
    • Dual Scale: Measures in inches and mm
    • Measures up to 5-1/2″ depth
    • Sliding Measuring Indicator with locking mechanism