TESTING - Cement Equipment - Vicat Needle, EN 196-13

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EN 196-13
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  • Description

    Computer-controlled, automatic Vicat needle apparatus with 1 measuring point (station), Fully automatic. EN 196-3


    Applications for this product

    • This automatic Vicat Apparatus provides a completely automatic method for determining the initial and final setting time of cement or mortar pastes.

    Features of this product

    • Programmed test sequences Tests can be performed in air or in a water bath with constant temperature (heat exchanger and cooler for constant water temperature)
    • The unit automatic records initial set time and final set time, as well as of setting plots.
    • Weight of plunger and the Vicat needle are an additional 300 g ± 1 g
    • After each penetration the Vicat needle is automatically cleaned

    Why Choose This Product

    • Fully automatic
    • Accurate and repeatable.

    Specifications of this product

    For operation is a standard PC or laptop required, which is not included in the scope of delivery

    Included parts:

    • Base unit as a table model
    • Standard software for programmable test sequences and for data recording
    • 1 Vicat moulds (conical hard plastic ring) 70/80 dia. x 40 mm
    • 1 glass base plates, 120 mm dia.
    • 1 centerings for Vicat moulds (conical hard plastic ring) 70/80 dia. x 40 mm
    • 1 pair of cleaning brushes
    • 1 tee wrench, 1.25 mm
    • 1 tee wrench, 2 mm
    • 1 spare glass plates, 120 mm dia.
    • 2 spare initial-set needles, 1.13 mm dia.
    • Serial cable
    • USB/RS232-Adapter
    • Power Cable