TESTING - Flame photometer

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  • Description

    For the determination of the alkali metals (Li, Na, K) and alkaline earth metals (Ca, Ba) of cement Complete with: sodium, potassium, calcium, barium and lithium filters, connecting hoses, clips and plug.

    Technical Data

    Range: LED 0 - 199.9 ppm
    Limits of detection:
    Na or K: 0.2 ppm
    Li: 0.25 ppm
    Ca: 15 ppm
    Ba: 30 ppm
    Air supply: approx. 6 litre/min at 100 kPa
    Fuel: propane, butane or natural gas


    (W x D x H) = 420 x 360 x 300 mm
    Weight: 8 kg
    230 V / 50 Hz