H-4200M - Humboldt Pocket Penetrometer Metric (Tire Gauge Design)

Used by field personnel to check the visual classification of soils. Useful to make quick estimates of unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils, especially in field applications. 
The metric version (H-4200M) reads in tonnes per square meter, will in increments of 10 with a max of 45 tonnes per square meter. It shows numbers for the following: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40. Whit tick marks in between the numbers.  
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  • Description
    H-4200M - Humboldt Pocket Penetrometer Metric (Tire Gauge Design) - Soil Testing 

    Applications for this product

    • The pocket penetrometer can quickly verify whether excavation sidewalls require shoring, based on OSHA cohesive soils classifications.

    • The penetrometer indicates consistency, shear strength, and approximate unconfined shear strength. It has a direct-reading scale in tons/sq m, or kg/sq cm, which corresponds to equivalent unconfined compressive strength. It features high-quality construction.

    • While the pocket penetrometer is a great tool for fast evaluations of soil in the field, it should not be used to replace laboratory testing or field analysis or be used to produce foundation design data.

    Features of this product

    • The pocket penetrometer's penetration piston is pushed into the soil surface to a calibration groove machined into the piston at 0.25" (6.4mm) from the end. The resistance of a calibrated internal spring registers the penetration force on an engraved scale.

    • The Humboldt pocket penetrometer provides a direct-reading scale in tons/ft2, or kg/m2, which corresponds to equivalent unconfined compressive strengths. It has a range of 0 to 4.5 tons/m2. The penetrometer features high-quality construction with an anodized aluminium body and a stainless steel plunger. It also includes a belt-loop style carrying case and operating instructions.

    • The unit comes with a belt loop case/sleeve that can be worn on technicians belt and operating instructions.


  • Specification

    Technical Specifications:

    • The penetrometer features high-quality construction with an anodized aluminum body and a stainless-steel plunger.
    • Range: 0 to 4.5 ton/ft.2 (H-4200) -  0-45ton/m2 (H-4200M).
    • Direct reading scale in tons/ft2 and kg/cm2 or ton/m2
    • Preferred tire-gauge design
    • The enclosed spring mechanism eliminates problems with soil and dust affecting the operation
    • Easy scale reset with thumb
    • Uses precise spring tension for accurate results
    • Includes belt-loop style carrying case and operating instructions.
  • Downloads
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    H-4200 & H-4200M Humboldt Pocket Penetrometer (Tire Gauge Design)
    (Size: 290.6 KB)
    H-4200 & H-4200F Product Manual