H-4263A.4F - HUMBOLDT Hydrometer Analysis Set, 220V 50/60Hz

This complete hydrometer analysis setup includes the Humboldt hydrometer jar bath combined with hydrometer analysis accessories to provide a complete testing set.

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All components are also sold separately.

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Hydrometer Analysis Set

A complete Analysis Set for determining the distribution of soil particles smaller than 200 (0.075mm) featuring our H-4239A Hydrometer Jar Bath.

The Humboldt Hydrometer Water Bath is designed to provide a 68°F (20°C) ambient temperature throughout the unit by using microprocessor-based temperature control with an integral heater and chiller. The control processor in the H-4239A provides a consistent bath temperature of 68°F (20°C) accurate to within 0.1% of input span ±1°F. The temperature range can be set between 50°F (10°C) and 120°F (49°C).

Complies with ASTM D422; AASHTO T88.

Shipping wt. 175 lbs. (79.4kg)

Set Includes:
(1) H-4239A Hydrometer Jar Bath
(1) H-4241 Soil Hydrometer A
(1) H-4242 Soil Hydrometer B
(1) H-4260 Soil Dispersion Mixer
(8) H-4244 Hydrometer Jars
(1) H-4247 Sodium Hexametaphosphate, 1 lb. (0.5kg)