Scanntronik - RissFox Multisensor (4 Channels)

Expansion module for Rissfox Mini data-logger to connect four additional crack sensors.

Additional Crack Analysis Sensors are to be ordered separately.

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  • Description

    RissFox Multisensor


    Expansion module for Rissfox Mini data-logger
    to connect four additional crack sensors 

    High-performance expansion with four additional sensor inputs and
    flexible alarm output for direct connection to the Rissfox Mini.


    The Rissfox Multisensor electronic is the logical addition for our successful crack analysis systems, since this highly flexible expansion module allows you to connect up to four additional crack sensors to the Rissfox Mini data logger control center.

    Use the high-precision crack sensors that have proven themselves over many years for analyzing together with the Rissfox Mini data logger crack displacements at up to five locations at the same time.

    Combined with the high-performance remote data communication system Remotefox you can also monitor and continuously log measurement readings for up to ten cracks even at a distance of several hundred kilometers away.

    The Rissfox Multisensor moreover possesses an easy-to-configure and flexible alarm output for all connected sensors. By this means, you can be alerted directly and quickly in case of e.g. excessive crack growth or if a predefined alarm threshold is surpassed. The alarm can also be set to alert only after the situation has lasted over an extended period of time thanks to the alarm delay feature. Alarm notification can be implemented with the aid of various systems such as our SMS Alarm System, the Acoustic Alarm, ... etc.

    Similar to the Rissfox Mini, the crack sensors can be zeroed (tare function) using the enclosed magnet. All other parameters are configured with the aid of the SoftFOX software. It can be used to activate the system’s individual inputs, to modify the zeroing / calibration values and to program the alarm conditions for individual crack sensors and the general alarm delay feature.

    The Rissfox Multisensor is powered independently of the Rissfox Mini with four commercially available AA mignon batteries. Battery voltage is monitored completely self-sufficiently with the System Status LED providing prompt information as to when the batteries have to be replaced.

    The following figure shows a Rissfox Mini that has been extended with four additional 10mm crack analysis sensors using the Rissfox Multisensor and thus controls altogether five sensors:



    The possible applications of the Rissfox Mini are further extended with the Rissfox Multisensor module. For instance, it allows you to monitor, among other things, cracks on really large buildings, bridge structures, art objects, churches, parking garages, flat roofs, and many more.

  • Specification


    • Connection of up to four (4 x) additional crack analysis sensors to the Rissfox Mini system
    • Measurement readings are directly stored in the memory of the used data logger system
    • Connection to the data logger is implemented using the flexible Scanntronik Universal Bus
    • Measuring range of the crack analysis electronic: 10 mm (+/- 5mm)
    • Extended measuring range of the electronic e.g. 75mm available as customised version
    • Resolution of the 10mm crack analysis electronic: 5µm = 0.005mm = 0.0002inch
    • Resolution of the 75mm crack analysis electronic: 37µm = 0.037mm = 0.0014inch
    • Crack sensor measuring leads with up to 100m available on request as customized version
    • No mechanical torsion of the sensor, thanks to the complete decoupling of the stopper
    • Sensor zeroing (tare function) of system using the provided activation magnet
    • Optional: Special protective cover for the 10mm crack analysis sensor (weather protection)
    • Optional: Additional "Water Protection" option for the 10mm crack analysis sensor
    • System and battery status can be seen at any time with the aid of the System Status LED
    • Alarm output for SMS Alarm System, Acoustic Alarm System, Telephone Alarm system, etc.
    • General alarm delay and alarm threshold freely programmable for all crack sensor inputs
    • Clock with crystal oscillator accuracy integrated for the general alarm delay
    • Simple configuration of the entire measuring system using the SoftFOX analysis software
    • Directly combinable with our Remotefox (remote data communication system) 
    • Measuring data preserved in the data logger via EEPROM memory even without batteries
    • Calibration certificates available for all sensors upon request
    • No crack analysis sensors are included in the package (please add them to your order)
    • Power supply via four standard commercially available AA mignon batteries
    • Battery lifetime up to two years (see configuration). Batteries can be replaced at any time
    • Shock-resistant and watertight system housing. Wall-mounting possible (screws concealed)
    • Dimensions of the expansion module: 88 x 160 x 50 mm (HxWxD)
    • Weight of the expansion module: 350g including batteries
    • Dimensions of the 10mm crack sensor: 200 x 20 x 20 mm (HxWxD)
    • Dimensions of the 75mm crack sensor: 260 x 22 x 41 mm (HxWxD)
    • Dimensions of the stopper for the crack sensor: 30 x 15 x 15 mm (HxWxD)
    Depending on the memory equipment of the used data logger system, the active sensors as well as the selected measuring rhythm, the maximum measuring time can be calculated.

    Here some examples:

    Memory capacity
    Active sensors
    Measuring rhythm
    Measuring time
    16000 readings
    3 x crack sensor
    15 minutes
    55 days
    16000 readings
    5 x crack sensor
    30 minutes
    66 days
    16000 readings
    5 x crack sensor
    air temperature
    1 hour
    95 days
    64000 readings
    3 x crack sensor
    15 minutes
    222 days
    64000 readings
    5 x crack sensor
    30 minutes
    266 days
    64000 readings
    5 x crack sensor
    air temperature
    1 hour
    380 days