Remote Site Monitoring & Time Lapse

Effortlessly view and document your project with high resolution images or turn on live video streaming for a real-time look at what is going on — any time, from anywhere. Create custom time-lapse videos of any time duration or interval. Share with anyone you want by creating a view-only website link with the touch of a button. 

From our simplest TimeGo! (Basic) offering to our most-inclusive alternative in this product line, TimeGo! (Advanced), we can produce stunning 4K video footage adjusted to your budget. Optional cloud data storage, automated time-lapse videos and email notifications with the service.


Construction Time Lapse Photograph & Videos Services - Project Development


Remote Site Surveillance, Perimeter Security & Progress Monitoring

Anditech offers services to provide remote monitoring with time lapse solutions that can be adapted for a very wide range of applications, with easily tailor the system for your application requirements.

Equipment available for purchase or rental included within the service offered to achieve the results within the scope of the contract.

Our solutions and platform that can be easily customized to include:

  • Custom and branded web interfaces.
  • Support for specific field devices
  • Data analytics and alerting functions.
  • Customer-hosted WebApp, or hosting cloud based provided.



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Time lapse videos are used for a variety of media, government, construction, and corporate projects, ranging from the build-out of a new facility to road pavement work and creative art videos. Video surveillance can monitor events and actions 24-7 to make certain that every detail is recorded.


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We are happy to jump in at any stage of your product development and will work closely with you till project completion. You can count on us being highly flexible and able to react quickly to any unexpected changes.


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