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The latest and smartest technology is now at your service.

When experience, passion, quality and technology are combined, only exceptional results are expected!
At Anditech, we engineer solutions for the industry using the best available technology, with dedicated support and excellent service.

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Material Testing Equipment

Anditech is proudly distributing materials testing equipment from the worldwide leading manufacturers: Humboldt Mfg and TESTING GmbH

The quality of their products and their robust after-sale support provide our customers the best value for money.

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Remote Site Monitoring and Time Lapse Solutions

Now you can monitor the progress of one or several sites from the confort of your laptop, tablet or mobile. Anditech offers an array of time lapsing packages suited to construction, recreational, Resarch & Development (R&D) and industrial environments.

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Structural Health Monitoring

Anditech products for Structirual Health Monitoring (SHM) include: Crack monitors, concrete cover meters, rebar locators, rebound hammers, concrete scanners, etc.

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Tools & Instruments

We do supply from the smallest item required in your lab, to advanced environmental and industrial instruments. 

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Solutions with video time lapse cameras and drones to Contruction Monitoring & Supervision Solutions with video time lapse cameras and drones to Contruction Monitoring & Supervision

Video time lapse cameras and Drones for project development, rapidly are becoming a game-changer for safety and efficiency in construction, agreed engineers and contractors discussing the technology. But they also said drone providers still need to overcome some practical and regulatory obstacles.

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Remote Jobsite Monitoring At Your Fingertips Remote Jobsite Monitoring At Your Fingertips

A single intuitive portal puts your entire project in the palm of your hand, if you include Time Lapse Photography & Video Anditech Services to Monitoring Construction Works. All with lower cost and rapid deployment.

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