Humboldt - Compression Testers - HCM-5090

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  • Description

    Humboldt's HCM-5090 digital indicator provides the same platform and many of the same features as the HCM-5080 and HCM-5070 except that it does not act as a controller, but works with a manually-operated pump.


    The HCM-5090 digital indicator features:
    • Provide two channel inputs for load, which allows for the control of two separate compression frames.
    • Provides two additional channel inputs for displacement, which allows performing extensometer and compressometer testing.
    • 7", high-resolution color touch-screen display with live readout, graphical and tabular display.
    • Easy test setup, just choose the standard you wish to test for and the controller will walk you through the complete setup.
    • Provides data acquisition of one reading per second.
    • Integral storage within the controller of up to 1000 tests and 3000 points per test.
    • Simple, Fast and accurate machine calibration.
    • Displays in Imperial or metric numbers.
    • Pre-programmed to run the following tests: ASTM C39, ASTM C78, ASTM C293, ASTM C469, ASTM C496, ASTM C1019, ASTM C109/C109M, BS EN 12390-3