TESTING - Langavant calorimeter set acc. to EN 196-9

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EN 196-9
Used to measure the heat of hydration of cement by the semi-adiabatic method
*  Extension for another 4 test calorimeters is possible
    with a second 4 channel data box (1.0283.03)
** A standard PC with monitor is required to operate
    this system in which is not supplied by us

Scope of delivery

• 1.0283.00 Test calorimeter
  Including factory calibration certificate, dewar vessel and temperature sensor Pt100
• 1.0283.01 Reference calorimeter
  Including aluminium cylinder
• 1.0283.02 Mortar-sample containers EN 196-9
  For holding the mortar samples
  Volume 880 cm³ (1 unit = 50 pcs.)
• 1.0283.03 Temperature recording device
  with 4 channels* (1 channel for the reference calorimeter and 3 channels for connection for a maximum of 3 test calorimeters).
  For measuring, recording and transmission of temperature values
  USB-Port -new model-
• 1.0283.04 Analysis software**
  For reporting and editing the recorded and stored values and for calculation of the heat of hydration
  With comprehensive functions, License required


• 1.0283.00 Test calorimeter EN 196-9
  Dewar vessel 100 dia. x 240 mm
  External dim. 180 dia. x 400 mm
  Weight: 4.6 kg
• 1.0283.01 Reference calorimeter EN 196-9
  Weight: 4.6 kg
• 1.0283.02 Mortar-sample containers EN 196-9
  Dim. 84 mm dia. x 162 mm
  Weight: 7.0 kg
• 1.0283.03 Temperature recording device
  Table device (wxdxh) = 140 x 190 x 40 mm
  Weight: 0.5 kg