CamDo SolarUp pack for remote site monitoring & time-lapse photography (Cloud upload capable)

This compact timelapse system recommended as standalone or cloud-upload equipment for remote monitoring of your site. It can be used in-door or out-door.

This unit is sold as a package; however, all the components can be purchased separately (see related products below).

SolarUp Pack Price from AU$ 2,991 exc GST (Several options available, please request a quotation).

This system is also available for rental Australia-wide.

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  • Description

    Long Term Time Lapse System for Site Monitoring or Constructions Projects. Offers reliable 4K quality, remote monitoring via Cloud upload and it is easy to set up.

    Applications for this product

    • Site Monitoring 
    • Construction Projects - Time Lapse video
    • Wildlife monitoring


    Features of this product

    • Powered by solar energy. It can also be powered from your electricity network (additional power cable required).
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Automatic upload of footage to CloudX (CamDo's web platform) - Subscription required.
    • 4k Resolution and WiFi-compatible. 
    • 3G/4G Hotspot USB Port


    Why Choose This Product

    • Offers remote monitoring capability via CloudX platform.  
    • AC power independent.
    • Long-term Time-Lapse Recording.
    • Ultra HD 4K Resolution  


    SolarUp Pack includes:

    1 x 180318 - DryX weatherproof enclosure NK-7 Polypropylene Resin, with V50 Always-On Battery Pack (2 USB Ports) - 12,800 mAH, 47 Wh.
    Compatible with Sony and GoPro Hero 5,7,8.

    1 x 180269 - 9W Solar Panel kit for DryX enclosure - IPX7 Waterproof, UV- and Scratch-Resistant. 220 x 255 x 5mm

    1 x 180278 - UpBlink - CamDo Time-Lapse controller for GoPro Hero 5 and 7

    1 x 180252 - Swivel mount kit for Dry and Solar enclosures - 6" swing arm + bracket to suit flat surface, poles, etc.

    1 x 180259 - SanDisk Extreme Micro SD card, 64GB with SD Adapter

    Cables (set) and user guide.


    Recommended Cameras:

    GoPro Hero5 Black, Ultra HD 4K Resolution is the recommended camera for this package which allows the Cloud-upload capability. 

    It can also be used with GoPro Hero 7 or 8 but without Cloud-upload capability.

    The cameras are sold separately.  


    Telecommunication accessories (required for data uploading):

    1 x Modem Huawei E8372 4G PLUS 4GX mobile broadband (Unlocked)


    12 Months Subscription - CloudX Pro Plus - 100 GB storage

    (Also available in 1 or 3-month subscription).



    CloudX is a state-of-the-art online time-lapse platform, allowing you to monitor your system remotely.

    If you have purchased the CamDo UpBlink, BlinkX or Blink scheduler/controller, you can login for remote status monitoring of your devices. View a list of heartbeat status for each day confirming:

    - SD Card space remaining (not available for HERO3+)
    - # of photos and video taken since last email
    - # of motion detections triggered since last email

    There is also flexibility in setting up multiple email addresses and a schedule of how often the daily status information should be emailed to you.

    In order to use this feature, UpBlink, BlinkX or Blink must be near a WiFi access point with an internet connection(either an open WiFi network or WPA secure network - WEP secure networks are older technology and not supported).

    If you have purchased UpBlink, you can also upload your images to CloudX and get updated time-lapse videos automatically created!

  • Specification

    Download the "SolarUp Specification Sheet" for full specification of the components.

    • Powered by solar energy (or DC power)
    • UpBlink controller is compatible with GoPro Hero5 (for data uploading) or Hero 7. 
    • SanDisk Extreme Micro SD card, 64GB with SD Adapter. 
    • Robust Swivel Mount kit - 6'' swing arm + bracket to suit flat surface, poles, etc.
    • DryX Weatherproof enclosure - NK-7 Polypropylene Resin.
    • V50 External battery - 12,800mAh, 47Wh. 
    • 9W solar panel.  
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